Are You The Aesthetic Equivalent of a Fullback or a Wide Receiver?

I’m about as neutral on the Super Bowl as you can get.

I grew up in a family that didn’t watch it. But, I’m certainly not cynically antagonistic about it either.

In fact, getting together and watching it is one of my favorite annual traditions with my in-laws.

And I know the game well enough to be able to follow along and enjoy good plays.

I also know the game well enough to know that each position is highly specialized.

Highly specialized.

Not all players can train and play the same – yes there are some consistencies across the board, but each needs to specialize according to his role.

They eat differently, follow different protocols in the weight room, prioritize different abilities, and sacrifice some of their overall effectiveness in order to maximize their abilities within their specialization.

On top of that, all the players got where they are by learning to lean into their natural tendencies – the fast guys receive, the big guys block, etc.

Now, take those natural strengths and weaknesses, add in the specialized training they get, and top it off with the fact that all the players are better because they’re coached.

Can you imagine how much worse each individual player would be without a coach? How about how much more difficult it would be to function cohesively as a team?

The coaches are everything – and that’s why they make the big money they do.

A terrible coach would take a one-size-fits all approach rather than knowing each of his players strengths and weaknesses – which is why terrible coaches don’t last very long.

But a great coach – he takes the time to know his players – their strengths and weaknesses, their doubts and ambitions – he can see potential connections that they miss themselves.

So let’s bring this into your approach to your appearance.

The problem with learning about style solely from free content is you don’t get the individualized training – so you may be working on the equivalent of drills necessary for a tight end when really you’re a quarterback.

It’s a waste of your time, energy, and talent.

You also – like the players on the field – have your own natural strengths and weaknesses that need to be worked with.

And lastly, you likely can’t always see the whole picture.

Which means you need the basics, along with a specialized approach and an understanding of how to adjust for your own needs and goals.

You need a coach.

Sure you can get there without one – at least mostly there.

But even then, it costs you more time, money, and energy having to reinvent the wheel on your own.

So you need a coach.

Now, like most coaches, I don’t let just anyone onto my team. You have to be the right fit, we have to know we can work together, and we need to be aligned in our goals.

So if you want an opportunity to take a deeper dive with me, to see how I can help you, and to see if you have the right mindset to become successful on my program, let’s do an interview.

We’ll jump on a call for a bit, talk about your needs, strengths, weaknesses, and so on.

If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you (and that happens sometimes) and point you toward someone who can.

If I can help you, and believe you’ll see real success on my program, I’ll invite you to join me.

Tryouts are free. So let’s chat and see if we can get you to hit your goals.