Better Basketball

One of the most used images when it comes to men designing their offices or homes is the toy basketball hoop over the trash can or hanging on the back of the door.

Now, I’m not a big sports guy but I understand the appeal of having one of these in your office. It gives your hands something to do while your brain is working hard. The problem with buying one that’s designed for it is how manboyish it looks. I hate misandric stereotypes as much as the next guy (who’s aware of them) and don’t like perpetuating them. So I think there’s a better way to do it.

I occasionally will check out a site called Apartment Therapy. Mostly it’s a hipster site run by women for women, but you can find the occasional good idea in there. I saw this one a couple of months ago and thought about adjusting it to what I was talking about above.

Most everything in this whole house tour is as SWPL as it comes. The whole site. But just because something’s SWPL doesn’t mean it’s not usable. I like the vintage basketball hoop they have on the wall. I would imagine if you found one like that at an old abandoned school or garage sale you could slap it above your door or over the garbage can – just make it look better.