Casual Friday: Blazer and Bucks

tweed blazer and bucks


  • The blazer: I’m sure some of you are still unconvinced that a blazer can be worn as a casual option but this is a great rendition of it. The size is just right, it has patch pockets, the leather buttons give it a sporty feel. Great blazer.
  • The jeans’ fit: Slim without being too skinny,  the length is also good in that he can roll them for a more casual look without them ending up halfway up his leg because they’re too short.
  • The shirt: Definitely casual because of the pattern but still looks well-dressed because the pattern itself isn’t overly large. The colors are appropriate for this time of year and would work with warm and cool complexions because of the contrast between the olive-green and the blue.
  • Shoe color: The sandy shade of the upper works well with the lighter soles. These are a great color for fall.


  • The color of the jeans: It looks like it has some green in it. I’d have to see his face because it could work really well or it could completely ruin the whole ensemble.
  • The watch: I’m partial to smaller, slimmer faces and bands. This looks too sporty to go with what else he has on.

Don’t like:

  • The socks: There is a difference between ankle socks and no-show socks. He’s wearing the former in an attempt to look like the latter. It doesn’t help that they’re black either. It’s also odd to go sockless during the cooler months. A better option would have been some grey or even red wool socks. The contrast between the low-profile bucks and the thicker socks would have been appealing.
  • The faux-distressing on the shoes: It just looks bad. I would have already tracked down and ordered those shoes myself if they were left clean instead of having all the frays.

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