Casual Friday: Cargo Pants

Cuong Le sweater and cargo pants


  • The sweater. It’s a good neutral color that’s still strong enough to keep the focus on his face. It’s also just a bit on the slouchy side making it more casual.
  • The boots. Beat up dress boots are a great High/Low look. They’re still taken care of but they look comfortably worn in.
  • The watch. I’m not normally a fan of large, metal watches but this looks good because it contrasts with everything else he’s wearing.


  • The pants. The fit on them is awesome and I like the cargo resurgence that’s been happening in menswear for the last year. However, it’s something that may end up looking very dated. We’ll have to see how it plays out.
  • The jewelry. I like the fact that he’s wearing something, and that it’s small, but the red bracelet looks like a girl’s hairband. The proportions between the band and the rest of the ring on his finger are also very feminine.

Don’t Like:

  • The purse. I get the functionality, but it looks too girly. From its lack of stretching I’d say whatever he has in there can probably fit in his pockets (especially since he’s wearing cargos).

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