Casual Friday: Hatted



  • The Fit. Everything is almost perfect. His T-shirt follows all the guidelines and the pants are slim without being skinny
  • The Coloring. There is some very mild contrast and it’s great with his muted complexion.
  • The socks. If you have a muted complexion it’s better to have any serious contrast further away from your face. That way you still see it in the overall picture but it doesn’t wash you out when someone is actually speaking with you.
  • The shoes. Grey suede is the epitome of summer High/Low


  • The hat. The color of it’s good and it goes well with what else he has on. It’s also good High/Low when compared to the rest of the outfit. I don’t know how I feel about none of the brimmed being snapped and the fact that he’s wearing it so high on his head.


  • Nothing I actively dislike. This wouldn’t work if he were ten years younger or older, but it’s great for his demographic.