Casual Friday: Into the Wild


  • The sweater. Thicker gauges of knitting were originally used in workwear. Think of fishermen and dock workers. Having a history in physical labor means they also end up looking a lot more masculine. Compare this kind of sweater gauge to something that’s finer like you’d see in a V-neck. The V ends up looking more refined and dandy.
  • The collar. Meant to keep the neck warm, it also serves the purpose of framing the face better and keeping people focused on you instead of your clothes.
  • The sweater color. A good neutral gray can be worn with anything.
  • The pants color. Fall is the time for warmer colors and a camel coloring looks much better than a normal khaki this time of year.


  • The boots. They look like they could be a cheap pair of Sketcher, or they could be a much nicer pair that’s just been beat to hell.
  • The leather waist tabs. I like waist tabs in my dress pants and I can’t decide if this leather version looks tacky and overplayed or cool.

Don’t Like:

  • The snapped pocket flap. While I understand the functionality of it – it makes the pants look like American Eagle cargoes.
  • The pant length. Way too long. Work pants shouldn’t be hemmed as short as your dress pants, but these just look sloppy.

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