Casual Friday: Trucker Jacket

trucker jacket and scarf


  • The denim coloring. The only way you can wear a denim jacket with jeans and not have it look like a Canadian tuxedo is by having them be different colors. The lighter jacket makes it look like two separate items instead of one piece.
  • The High/Low contrast. A scarf of a finer weave like the one he’s wearing is a much more dressed up and even dandy accessory. By contrasting it with the trucker jacket it provides a cool balance between work and formality.
  • The scarf and shirt color. They work with his complexion and are earth tones that are fall appropriate.


  • The belt. Even if he’s wearing brown shoes, it’s tough to have black leather (which is more formal) look good with denim. It’s one of the few High/Low pairings that doesn’t work.
  • The rolled sleeves. Could be cool, could just be a passive-aggressive way to show of that he has sleeves.

Don’t Like:

  • The gauges. Thankfully earings are becoming less and less popular. Some guys still like their gauges but they’re tacky.
  • The jacket and shirt size. Seeing skin when your arms are just barely above your head means your clothes are too small. If you’re fully extended like you’re doing a pull up it doesn’t matter, but just scratching your head or putting a hat on should not mean you flash everyone.

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