Compare and Contrast

I know it’s Ryan Gosling and that he’s a pretty boy, but just set that aside for a minute and imagine this is a picture of someone else.

Compare him to the man on the left side of the photo.


Pretty stark difference right?

It’s pretty cool to live in a time where quality and sophistication is becoming more and more popular in what a man wears. The Boomers aspired to be able to wear jeans and Hawaiian shirts while the younger generations are starting to see the value in dressing up and dressing well.

Clothing that fits, that is worn properly (see where his pants are sitting on his hips), with colors that do the talking, and a return to classical grooming are all ways to make men look like men instead of slobs.

The cool thing is that this is saturated like anything else in the media. You may read my blog, or catch flashes of ET on the TV at the airport, or see the covers of Us Weekly in line at the grocery store and think everyone is dressing like this. But look around you, they’re not. Just like developing a good sense of Game, dressing well will continue to give you a leg up on all the men around you. We are years away from any peak saturation, so enjoy the positive attention it will get you while it lasts.