Dressing Well is for Ugly Men

I was meeting with a local blogger and talking about my site when he asked me why I modeled for my shoots. I told him I know I’m not ugly but I’m certainly not stopping traffic either. My modeling for my own posts is to show that dressing well benefits men from any part of the bell curve.

There’s a strong but false feeling amongst the average men of the world that dressing well is important for already-attractive men. So if you’re not making People’s 50 Sexiest Men Alive list or having women beat down your door, you can’t benefit from upping your style game. This is patently false.

Most attractive men can throw on anything and look good in it. It’s the average or ugly man who needs to pay more attention to his style as a way to compensate for weaknesses and accentuate his strengths. Below are some examples of men who will not be considered handsome of their own right, but look very good because of the way they’re dressed.

Steve Buscemi Boardwalk Empire

Paul Giamatti Stylish

Don Knotts Stylish

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