Every Man Needs a Suit of Armor

Regardless of what it is a man does for a living, there are going to be parts of his job he hates. We deal with conflict, disappointment, and discouragement on almost a daily basis.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by this stuff, but at least we don’t have to fight or kill for our lives. From an historical perspective, the “conflict” we have to deal with is about as minor and as minimal as it gets.

That said, it still takes its toll and sometimes conflict can be intimidating.

One thing I try to do when I know I have to make a phone call or attend a meeting I don’t want to is put on my armor.

For me, that’s a three-piece suit. For you, it may be something entirely different.

The point is to wear something that makes you feel powerful, detached, and impervious. When I go into battle with my armor on, I don’t get as defensive – which means most of the men with whom I have any conflict end up acting less emotional and more detached themselves.

Those who don’t? They can butt against me all they want. I’m impenetrable.

The clothes don’t change my physical safety or their level of frustration. They change my attitude, and that makes all the difference.

Want some ideas on what can be your best piece of armor? How about 30?