Extinguish in Style

One of the defining characteristics that separates men from boys is the acceptance and embrace of responsibility. For some this means marriage and children. For others it means traveling the world and being beholden to no one but yourself. Unless you live in a hole or spend most of your time in hostels and hotel rooms, you most likely will have  a kitchen, and part of the responsibility of having a kitchen – even if it’s just in a studio apartment – is having a fire extinguisher. Hopefully it’s something you’ll never have to use, but that’s the whole “responsibility” thing kicking in again.

If you’re like most men, you will have one and you’ll keep it somewhere near the oven and readily accessible. For many of us, this means keeps your extinguisher out in the open. So rather than having some modern eye sore with all the warning labels and legal language, try picking up something that works well and looks good. Like this.

If the Greatest Dad is the World's Worst Cook

Unfortunately I have no idea where to buy this or even how well it works, but I’m going to assume it does work well. Wouldn’t that look so much better beneath your cupboard?