Fall Casual Upgrade

Over the last two years I’ve covered almost every reason a man should dress more formally. But the fact of the matter is, sometimes you want to dress down. No one wants to be the guy who has a reputation for taking himself and every situation he’s in way too seriously. And, let’s be honest, wearing a casual suit over to your friends’ for Sunday night football is overkill.

With autumn fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be wearing when the temperatures cool down. A sweater, in any of its iterations (v-neck, cardigan, shawl collar, etc), is a great way to still be a bit dressed up while focusing on comfort. That being said, we’re sticking with casual today.

For 99% of Western men, the casual cold-weather staple is the hoody.

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But we, my friends, can do better than that with one simple change – the crewneck sweatshirt.

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Shockingly enough, it’s basically a hoody without the hood. While that one distinction may seem minor, it’s so crucial that it changes your appearance from freshman dorm rat to successful adult.

Keep in mind that the general rules of style still apply here. Avoid large logos, make sure the fit is correct, buy the best quality you can afford so it’ll last as long as possible, forget about it as soon as you put it on, and don’t act like it’s a big deal the first time your friends see you in it and choose to make a comment.

If you don’t have a whole lot to spend, try these two options from Forever 21. Both are under $20

If you have a bit more, try this from Nordstrom for $50

And if you really have some cash to spend, try this APC beauty for $210

This will pair best with jeans or khakis, some boots or sneakers, and a simple T-shirt underneath. Remember that simplicity is key here and the important part of dressing well casually is to make sure people pay attention to you and not your clothes. You want people to say, “You look different today” but not be able to pinpoint why.

Forever 21