Father’s Day Gift: Rosewood-stained Shoe Horn

If you’re going to drop serious cash on a pair of dress shoes, it pays to take care of them, and part of that proper care comes from putting them on the right way.

The absolute worst thing you can do is leave your shoes tied and then try to wiggle your feet around until they slide in. It breaks down the leather on the back of the shoe and ruins the overall shape. If your dress shoes fit you properly, they may be a bit difficult to get on even when they are untied. Enter the shoe horn to help you out. 


Obviously something like this isn’t a huge necessity. It’s a luxury and a good one to have at that. It’s also a product that most men will be hesitant to buy for themselves – thereby making it the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Click on the picture above to go to the Amazon page where you can buy this beauty for $9.