Fitted & Kitted – Thanksgiving Dinner

fitted&kittedheaderIf you’re in the States, next week is Thanksgiving. If you’re like me and my family, then you might get two.

We spend Wednesday night with my family up at my parents’ place and then Thursday with my wife’s family. Double the food, double the family, double the chaos, double the fun.

Thanksgiving is also about a lot more than the meal. We end up doing different things that may involve going to a movie, bowling, or playing football. Hence the need for an outfit that will work well in almost all those environments.

I’ve put together something that leans fairly evenly on all three Style Archetypes. The henley and socks are Rugged, the cardigan and watch keep it Refined, and the loud colors of the boots lend a Rakish element.

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By the way, you can click on each item in the photo and it will take you directly to a link from which you can pick up the item(s). These are affiliate links so, they don’t cost you a penny more, but they help put something back in my pockets – that way I can keep up on my own holiday shopping!