Full Range of Motion

This is a simple but effective tip – when you’re out trying on new clothes, give them a full range of motion to see how they fit in any position.

This is especially true because slimmer clothing is in. That button-up shirt you’re trying on may look great when you’re standing in front of the mirror, but what happens when you sit down? Do the buttons strain and does the placket gape? How about if you bend over to tie your shoes or reach up for something off of that top shelf? Do the tails come untucked, requiring you to readjust anytime you’re more relaxed than parade rest?

It applies to pants and shorts as well. Your shorts may look slim and snug but if you can’t lift your knees to step over something higher than your knees they become useless.

Well-fitting clothes should have clean lines regardless of what your position is and have minimal limits on your range of motion. Things like armholes, button stances, collar sizes, shirt yokes, and others all have an effect on this. You may not be able to tell the shopkeeper why your shirt doesn’t fit, but at least give it a thorough testing to make sure it does before you buy it.

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