Heat Wave

It has been retarded-hot this summer. While in years past I’ve been able to wear suits throughout the year, I’m dying by just having pants on. When it’s this hot, you not only feel incredibly uncomfortable, but you look ridiculous if you’re not wearing something weather appropriate. Think of the man in only a suit with no overcoat while there’s a raging blizzard outside – the same principle applies during the intense heat of mid July.

Here’s how you beat it.


Light Colors: These will reflect heat off your body whereas darker colors absorb it. There’s a reason why it’s appropriate to wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day and a stylish man would be well served to have white shorts or chinos. Same goes for shirts as well. Stick with lighter, louder colors than the earth tones that are appropriate in Autumn and Winter.

Light Materials: I know I’ve hit this before, but more of you may be willing to accept it with it being as hot out as it is – get summer-specific materials. Linen, seersucker, tropical-weight wool, and cotton are how men used to stay cool before there was air conditioning. The materials allow more airflow so they keep your skin cooler while keeping you covered.

Less Fabric: Women can get away with this better than men but things are slowly starting to change. The less fabric you have on your body, the cooler you’re going to be. Wear shorts. Roll them up if you have the stones to show off that much leg. Wear short-sleeve shirts or roll up your long sleeves. Ditch the socks. Unbutton one extra button. Keep your hair cut shorter and put in less product. Wear shoes that are lower profile. Whatever you can get away with in regards to wearing less, do it.

Embrace It: The problem with starting to dress up more is it becomes uncomfortable after a while to dress down. I know last year I wasn’t comfortable in just shorts and a shirt anymore. However, it is appropriate to dress down when circumstances or weather call for it. Most businesses are a lot more lax on dress code during the summer and it’s a wise man who embraces that for the hottest few weeks of the year. Don’t be afraid of dressing down like you used to be afraid of dressing up. There are times and places for both.