Fit is King

Alright, let’s start with the basics. As the title connotes, fit is the most important aspect of a man’s style. Without the proper fit, his clothing is going to look ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive material, the right color or season appropriate; if it fits like crap it looks like crap.

Here’s the first extreme:

David Byrne needs a new tailor.

And here’s the second:

You want to fall somewhere in between these two.

A lot of men will complain about finding clothes that fit because they believe baggy or loose clothing is more comfortable. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The more fabric you have, the more you have to carry around, and the more it can get in the way. Clothing – whether it’s a suit, business casual or jeans and a T-shirt are all more comfortable if they fit without restricting movement.

Here’s a good example:

Notice how his pants are slim without being skinny. His shirt fits his torso without hugging it or looking like the sail off a Caribbean clipper commandeered by Jack Sparrow. The man himself may be a bit wimpy in his posture but his clothes fit him right and it draws the correct attention to him.

Buy clothes that fit. If that means you have to pay more and get fewer items it’s worth it.