I’m very close to finishing my long-awaited book.
I’ve been working on this for more than three years, but I’m finally going to finish it up!

I’ll be releasing it in late spring.

This book will be entirely focused on helping you develop a personal sense of style that benefits your whole life.

It’s not a simple copy and paste of “wear this shirt to get laid” or “This suit will get you any job you want” like you see from most other experts.
It’s going to be a complete brain dump of everything I know about style, masculinity, and appearance.
I’m going to cover all the elements of your life that both influence your style and are impacted by it – giving you a complete picture of what being well-dressed means for you.
Not me.
Not the other guys who get this newsletter.
For you.
However, I need your help.
Before I finalize everything and send it off to Amazon, I need to be sure I’ve covered everything.
This is where you come in.
Please take a few minutes to answer this super short survey (and by super short I mean one question)

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