Holiday Shopping Guide 2013

Need a little help with your shopping after Thanksgiving? Here are a few ideas for the men in your life this year. Click on the pictures to buy online.

$25 –

The Art of Shaving Starter Kit: The difference between a classic shave and the modern fiasco most men put themselves through now  is like comparing a handmade, bespoke suit to something from Men’s Warehouse. There has been a serious resurgence in classic shaving and a starter kit like this is a great way to whet a man’s appetite. $25

Hav-A-Hank Bandana Pocket Squares: Bandanas are a great way to add a little intentionality to a casual look. When a clean, white square looks too formal, one of these guys will help a man looked well dressed, while still remaining casual. Unlike a regular bandana, these are sized to fit perfectly into the breast pocket of a jacket. $17


Masculine Style Basic Consultation: Each man is made of a unique blend of his size, coloring, contrast type, and proportions. Because not all men are built equally, we all need to learn how to show off our strengths while minimizes our weaknesses. My Basic Consultation does just that. $25

$25 – $50

Pendleton Journey West Spa Towel: Finding a masculine beach towel can be an exercise in extreme frustration. Everything either looks like it was designed for kids, women, or the bargain bin at Wal Mart. These navajo prints get the job done right – looking both manly and timeless. $48


Frank & Oak Canvas Suede Travel Pouch: Whether it’s a weekend up the road or halfway across the world, traveling is infinitely easier when a man is able to keep all of his toiletries in one place. This is the kind of purchase that only needs to happen once or twice in a lifetime, so he might as well have something that will stand up to the abuse of travel and look good while doing it. $45


Buck 501 Squire: A pocket knife is one of those tools that only presents its unlimited usefulness once a man is in the habit of carrying it. I use mine just about every day. Because they can be used in a variety of situations, it pays to invest in one that’s made with both quality and style in mind. $35

$50 – $100


Stock & Barrel Co No.27 iPad Air Sleeve: Keep the minimal aesthetic provided by the iPad air while giving it a more rugged feel. Cases like this allow for better protection and more style when your tablet sees more use than as simply a giant TV remote at home. $68


Frank & Oak Chestnut Leather Gloves: Real leather is the only way to go for winter durability, warmth, and style. The fleece lining means his hands will stay warm and the leather will ensure he can keep a hold of either his bag or the steering wheel on his commute home. $75

Herschel Supply Co Novel Weekender: Road trips and overnighters call for a bag that can protect a man’s goods, adapt it’s shape to the less-than-ideal circumstances such impromptu trips often lead to, and still manage to look great. The Novel has been my go-to bag for more than year now and it has yet to fail to do the job. $80

$100 – $250


Chester Mox #88 Bi-Fold: It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Chester Mox. Brandon runs a tight ship and makes the best wallets I’ve ever owned. He recently sent me his new #88 model and it’s replaced what I was using last year. Sometimes a man needs a bit more room than what a card case can provide. This regular bi-fold is still sleek and slim but allows for a few more cards. It can even be monogrammed with his name – making it even better as a gift. $140


Daniel Wellington Watch: A man’s timepiece should be able to transition smoothly from work to play. It should be large enough to have a presence without being so big as too draw unnecessary attention. It should also be simple enough to appear appropriate when paired with almost anything else in his wardrobe. All of Daniel Wellington’s watches meet these criteria. From now until Christmas Eve, use the code “masculine-style” for 15% off. $230

Koben Bob Plumb 2525 Melony Dr Salt Lake City, Utah 84124 801-635-6343

Koben Silk Lined Raw Denim Jeans: I know. I know. That was my reaction too. Then I got a pair and was blown away by how comfortable they are. If he chooses not to roll the cuffs, no one will ever even know he’s sporting a pair of pants that would make an old-school porn star jealous. Expect a full review of these in the next couple of months. Suffice it to say for now that, these are the only jeans I wear anymore.