How to Tuck in a Shirt

Believe it or not, there are some improved techniques involved in cleanly tucking in a shirt – three in fact. In this video, I outline all three and show you how to maximize your ability with them.

Click here to watch the YouTube video: How to Tuck in a Shirt

Click here to watch the YouTube video: How to Tuck in a Shirt

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Proper Length

Casual shirts are designed to fall somewhere between the bottom of the rise of the pants and the top of the waist band. This helps them avoid looking like night gowns when worn untucked.

However, a proper dress shirt should extend as long as possible without going into the legs of the pants. Dress shirts that are too short are most likely a size too small (and will reflect this in other areas as well). They should be sized up for the ideal fit.

Undershirt/Underwear Tuck

It will feel as weird as it looks, but it’s a worthwhile tip in a pinch. By tucking the undershirt into the waistband of a pair of underwear, the pull and friction the undershirt places on the dress shirt is minimized – preventing the dress shirt from being as likely to come untucked through regular daily motion.

Just don’t get caught wearing underwear this way if you want to keep any dignity.

Shirt Stays

I was hesitant about this option at first, but KK&Jay really sold me on them.

Shirt stays are designed to clip to the top of your socks and the bottom of your shirt. The elastic provides tension against both anchors and keeps your shirt tucked in.

The visual difference is huge and, as long as they’re worn properly, they’re not any less comfortable than going without.

For men who want the added detail of a superbly tucked in shirt, this is the way to go.