It’s a Popover

One of the main themes of the site is the importance of using subtlety to stand out. Yes I advocate loud colors and stand-out items but there are times when you want your individuality to be a bit harder to detect. Here’s a perfect business-casual, going-out-to-lunch-with-clients-on-Friday type of look.


Grey suit, white shirt – it’s about as basic as it gets.

But look a little closer and see all the small differences.

First off, the shirt is a popover – it doesn’t button down all the way. Still fits and looks like a dress shirt, but it has more personality.

Notice the tiny lapel pin. This is another area where it’s an obvious peacock that you’re putting something there, so the item itself can be insubstantial and small.

Lastly, he’s wearing a gold buckle with his belt. Typically a grey suit/white shirt combo is going to be paired with silver as it’s a more neutral color. The gold gives the look more irreverence and personality.

All of these are small details but they take the outfit from being great and plain to simply great.