It’s Like Hat Hair, But With Your Suit

Cloths that are made of animal hair have a lot of the same qualities as your own hair does.

Heat, moisture, and confined spaces all can impact the shape, drape, and feel of the cloth.

Whenever a garment spends significant time it tight spaces – like being shipped from Europe to the United States – it’s going to come out needing some time to breath.

Just like you’d be suffering from some pretty bad hair after 48 hours with a tight hat on and dealing with changing air pressure.

We lightly steam and can press out suits, but too much manipulation can ruin the shape.

You’re much better off wearing them a couple of times and letting the cloth breathe and settle.

If you buy a jacket with a floating canvas (as you should) it will need a couple of wears to memorize and adapt to the shape of your body.

As great as this brand new three-piece is, give it a few wears and it will be perfect.

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