Masculine Diaper Bag

I know this corner of the Internet is full of nihilists, rakes, and players, and my being married and wanting to have children puts me in a small minority. However, being in the minority does not mean I’m the only one.

I tagged along with my wife while she and her sister registered for her baby shower a couple weeks ago and I was frustrated by how pathetic the choice was in neutral or masculine diaper bags. I see it every week in church and wonder how these men can hall around a purse and feel ok with it.

Well, it looks like the folds at Ben Minkoff have realized this is an untapped market and they created a solution to my not-so-unique problem. It has all the extra pockets a good diaper bag needs and even a changing mat so you don’t ruin all the expensive crap you’ve paid for in your house.


If only I had and extra $325 lying around to make this happen. I guess I’ll have to settle for a repurposed messenger bag for now.