Masculine Style 3.0

Welcome to the new layout and design of the site. For those of you who’ve been with me from the beginning, you’ll remember version 1.0 was back at the days. Almost exactly two years ago was when the site made the jump to being self-hosted, and here we are today with a navigation and content-friendly layout.

While there isn’t a planned change in the content of the blog, this update isn’t merely aesthetic, the biggest improvement is in my consultations. Many of you have probably noticed the missing “services” page in the last month. That was all in preparation for what the new Coaching packages are. They’re more in-depth, more personalized, and better overall than anything else I’ve offered.

To add to all the fun (and to keep up with my goals for this year), I also want to announce the “Business With Style 2014 Meetup.” It is being hosted by Antonio Centeno from Real Men Real Style along with Aaron Marino from I Am Alpha M. Special guests include yours truly, along with a powerful lineup of guys from great sites like Primer, The Effortless Gent, The Style Blogger, and others.

The event will be at Phantom Ales in Anaheim, CA on June 29th at 1:00 PM. It’s only open to 50 attendees and I have a feeling those tickets are going to go quickly. So if you’d like the opportunity to meet with me and some of the other biggest names in the industry, head on over to the event page and buy your tickets ASAP.

I’m excited about the new logo, new layout, and new coaching options. I’ve had a lot of help in getting all of this ready and want to give a shootout to Matt of Unlucky Devil for the artwork and Remy of Big Wolf Designs for all of the coding and site design. Obviously an entirely new site will have a few wrinkles to iron out, so if you happen to stumble on any glitches, feel free to let me  know in the comments.