My son is trying to kill me!

As I continue in my attempts to increase the reach of Masculine Style, I’m having fun experimenting with different mediums and methods. One thing a lot of my media friends have had success with is a vlog format on YouTube.

Some of these guys are dedicated enough that they do one multiple times a week or every day. After the work I put into making this video, I’m blown away by the dedication of the men who make these consistently.

So, if you want to see things like:

  • Why I get my haircut the way I do
  • What a typical Monday in my life looks like
  • How my kids interact with each other
  • My son’s budding violence
  • Why I hate skinny jeans
  • My wife’s current recommendation of winter drink
  • How to get your kids to clean up their toys

Then check this out.

Let me know if you like these and want to see more. Like I said, they’re a ton of work, but I’m happy to do them if you enjoy them, and I know they’ll get easier as I do more.