Oregon, Twitter, and Instagram

Just got back from a quick but enjoyable trip to the Oregon coast. We were up there with my wife’s family for a reunion and got poured on for four straight days. Thankfully, the foul weather was totally outdone by the fresh seafood, good family, cold beach, seafoam candy, and random stops on the way. My 4-month-old daughter thoroughly impressed me the entire trip seeing as we drove both there and back (and the drive back took 18 hours over two days). Having a pleasant baby, pleasant wife, and pleasant in-laws in the car sure makes a long drive like that bearable. I also got a chance to check out Tanner Goods in Portland and give a thorough testing out to my new Herschel Supply weekender and Wolverine 1,000 Mile boots, so keep an eye out for those reviews in the future.

before the coast

Anyway, even though I made a conscious point to not bring my laptop and get bogged down by blog/work stuff, I didn’t forget about you guys. In fact I was able to dig through all the offerings for last week’s Twitter contest and come up with a winner. Keith said,

@Masculine Style Shoes are the most important items in a man’s style game. Bad shoes can ruin an otherwise good look.

So Keith, send me an email and let me know which of the two offerings you’re interested in.

As for the rest of you, the social-media giveaway continues and this short week will be focused on Instagram. So, if you want to enter, follow masculinestyle and then tag me in a picture of you dressed to the nine’s. I’ll go through and pick one of you at random next Monday for either a free Basic Consultation or five free Style Evaluations.

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