Personalized Handkerchief

In my front left pocket I always have my pocket knife and a handkerchief. While the knife sees daily use, the handkerchief really only comes out once every couple of weeks or so. It sure is nice to have around when you make the mistake of grabbing an item at the grocery store that’s been spilled on, your nephew gets a bloody nose, or your wife breaks down into grateful tears at your sheer awesomeness.


After seeing this picture, I really like the idea of having my handkerchiefs personalized. It used to be that every man carried this and most had their initials monogrammed on them. The cool thing about personalizing something this small is that it’s a detail that won’t get noticed all the time. It’s just another step forward in the assault on the ordinary in that you have that detail just for your own enjoyment. Having a monogrammed or otherwise embroidered hanky won’t get you laid or land you that promotion, but when you see it, it will be a reminder that you do things just because you like them, and you’re not ordinary