Podcast Episode 8: Dressing the Muscular Man

This episode is a bit of a mixture. It was initiated by an article I wrote back in October 2012 titled “Dressing the Muscular Man.” In the original article I laid out some basic advice on how men who have spent some obvious time in the gym can dress better.

For the actual episode, I decided to bring in a few men who are much more muscular and much more used to this problem than I am. We had a great, round-table discussion about the benefits of dressing better, the common pitfalls of doing so, and some tips that will make it easier – all geared towards men with a larger, more muscular build.

The three experts I brought in are:

Greg O’Gallagher from Kinobody

Nate Lewis from Iron & Tweed

Manny De La Cruz from Well Built Style

All three of these guys have different builds, different styles, and different perspectives – which made for a fun and engaging conversation.


None other than Arnold Schwarzenegger


Rich Piana Wedding Entourage (NSFW language)