Reader Submission: New Year’s Eve Then and Now

Keith is a friend I’ve had contact with since the early days of the blog. He was even one of my first clients. While he’s always dressed well, he’s been able to take his style to the next level over the last year.

This morning he sent me two pictures of a New Year’s annual black tie masquerade ball he attends.

photo 2

This first shot is from New Year’s Eve 2011 ringing in 2012. He’s dressed appropriately and looks solid. Most guys would be happy to look this good in a suit.

photo 1

And here he is from last week. While the differences are small and subtle, the overall change in appearance is incredible. In 2011 he looked good, in 2012 he looks rakish (yes the creative pocket square helps).

There is a very large gulf between dressing appropriately and dressing well and Keith has crossed over to the other side.

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