Seasonal Style Storage

Even if a man is working with a minimal wardrobe, there is a need for seasonal items. These are ideal in the warmer months and less so in the cooler seasons, or vice versa.

Because as much as I preach against prioritizing comfort, it does have a place in a man’s wardrobe, and there’s no reason to wear linen when cashmere keeps a man much warmer.

One of the extra responsibilities that comes with seasonal items is rotation. Since we’re coming into the cooler months here in the northern hemisphere, I figured this was the best time to show you my routine.

So here’s the breakdown:

  • Suits and other items that aren’t normally washed should be stored either hanging up or lying out. This helps prevent unnecessary wrinkling and creasing for when they are reintroduced to the closet.
  • Suits and coats should be stored in garment bags. These provide an extra layer of protection against insects, the elements, and anything else that can damage the cloth.
  • Items that can be folded should be stored neatly in something that will protect them. Some choose a plastic storage container, I like to use an older suitcase.
  • Shoes should be stored in their boxes and ideally with both shoe bags and trees. These will ensure extra protection and that items will keep their shape.
  • Keep a sweater or two out in the summer months. There’s always an occasion that requires an additional layer.
  • The same goes for a pair of swim trunks in the colder months. Just because they don’t see as much regular use doesn’t mean they don’t need easy access.
  • By purchasing fewer items that are higher quality and more versatile, there is less storage that needs to be done.
  • Use the off-season rotation as an opportunity take a closet inventory. This is the ideal time to evaluate items that are in the closet and need to be removed, or should be on rotation and are not.

That’s how I’ve been doing it for years and it’s served me well. Anything you think I’ve missed?