Shut the Zuck up! (Style Challenge #5)
As you know, the most common resistance I get to what I teach is guys saying “Real men don’t care how they look”
It’s something I’ve tackled here, in the Appearance of Power, and in almost every podcast interview I’m part of.
But there’s a very close second and it goes like this,
“But Tanner, look at how successful guys like Mark Zuckerburg are and they dress like crap!”
The guys who really think they’ve figured out the key to the problem will even quote Zuckerturd when he talked about having a personal uniform in order to limit the amount of decisions he has to make every day and free his mind up to focus on more important things.
There’s two parts to this.
One – yes, he succeeded in spite of his style.
He’s the exception.
If you’re already worth billions, lead a fulfilled life, and don’t care how you look – then that’s fine.
But until you’re there, this can help.
(Side point – No one wants to be Zuckerburg. I’d love his money but nothing else about his life)
And point number two:
He’s totally right about the benefit of a personal uniform.
If you’re someone who needs to save your mental bandwidth
Or easily gets decision fatigue
Or just really doesn’t care that much about style and wants to put in as little effort as possible
Then creating a personal uniform can do absolute wonders for you.
But nowhere does it say that a personal uniform has to look absolutely sloppy, ridiculous, or pathetic in order to be effective.
If Zuckerburg had a closet full of pink gorilla suits, he wouldn’t use up any more or less mental energy choosing what to wear each day than he currently does.
Same goes for something much better like simple jeans, a well-fitted henley, and a pair of classic sneakers (my own personal uniform).
So here’s your challenge for day 5
I want you to create a personal uniform
It needs to be simple, repeatable, effective, and stylish (no, stylish does not mean formal)
I don’t want you to create it out of what you already own, nor do I want you to go buy something.
I want you to do a little bit of digging online and create it there
You may have to piece together photos of a few items
Or you could get lucky and find a photo of someone who’s already wearing your ideal personal uniform and just use that as a model
Point is, assume you have to create a personal uniform.
What does it consist of? How does it look? And why do you choose what you do?
Post up those photos on Twitter and tag me with them along with your rationale for deciding on this particular uniform.