Stop Lying to Yourself (Style Challenge #3)
One of the most interesting things about teaching men to dress better is the mental gymnastics I watch guys go through.
Their ability to rationalize their poor aesthetic decisions is pretty mind blowing.
And one of the most common ones I see is justification for a bad haircut.
There’s really no excuse for it.
For you guys who are starting to lose your hair – we can see it.
There’s no reason to think we can’t and all of your tricks to try and hide it make it look worse.
Lean into it and embrace it.
For you guys who have hair but think seeing Linda down at the GreatSuperSportClips once every two months and having her cut it however she thinks
You look like a little boy
Or a Lego person with a hairpiece attached
Bad or bland hair is so incredibly common that having a dialed in hairstyle from a good barber is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your appearance.
Here are some tips
If your style is fairly safe and Refined, you can add an edge by going with a shorter, more aggressive haircut
If you lean more Rakish then going with something that looks a little longer and natural can add to your overall persona
Even you Rugged guys who like the simplicity of a military cut, you can at least have a simple fade so it doesn’t look boxy and one dimensional.
I hope you took some time yesterday to schedule an appointment with a real barber and are ready to go in today.
Yes it’s going to cost a bit more than what you’re used to
Yes it’s going to be worth it.
Some are better for guys with thinning hair
Others for those with widows peaks
Some look aggressive and dominant
Others look nonchalant and relaxed
Pick out two or three you like, take them to the barber, talk to him about what you want to do, and get his opinion on what will look best.
Then pay him to cut it for you and tip him for doing a great job.
I don’t care how you cut your hair, but get it cut well and by a real professional
Post up a photo and tag me like the past two days so I can see the new look!