Straight Bar Lacing

Yes it’s a style tip – not a pickup one. And, however small or inconsequential it may seem, remember that the details are what can make a look.


Straight bar lacing is what my shoe on the left has. It’s a cleaner, more simple look that is appropriate for your balmorals, oxfords, and dress boots. The even lines look better and the overall appearance of your shoe is more polished.

The traditional criss-cross lacing on the shoe on the right is better suited to casual shoes like sneakers, bucks, and work boots. I’ve also found that I get better closure on my shoes when they’re laced this way so it makes my casual shoes feel like they’re a bit more secure on my feet.

Remember that this is a tip and not a rule. You can lace your shoes however the hell you want and anyone who’s going to make a judgment call on your character based on your lace patterns is someone you’re better off avoiding anyway. Think of it as  a freebie – it doesn’t cost you anything not to do it, but you get a little something extra if you do.

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