Style as Storytelling is Live!

I’m extremely excited to have this course up and ready for you. Here’s a quick breakdown:

One thing any veteran of the #menswear world can attest to is the commonality of different courses and guides that are offered to help guys dress better – I think the only industry more saturated than ours is the world of online fitness.

Most men’s style bloggers will offer a couple of different courses that teach the fundamentals about dressing well. In fact, I have two of them (Style Handbook and the Staples) and I even have three more on their way (Rugged, Refined, and Rakish Style Guides). These are great, but they don’t really help guys internalize the concepts behind dressing better. As well-intentioned as we are, we largely end up treating you – the buyer – like a mannequin. One whose identity, goals, and tastes can all be pigeonholed into our lists of essentials.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a phenomenal jumping off point. By helping readers immediately start dressing better, it breaks the aesthetic rut we can all easily find ourselves in. But, if we stop there, you’re not really dressing better or improving your life, you’re just letting us treat you like a doll.

And this is the whole reason I created Style as Storytelling. Those who heard it live can attest to the fact that there is not a single article of clothing that is recommended, there is not a style rule stated, and there aren’t icons I tell you you should emulate.

It’s a mindset course that is designed to walk you through the deep and ingrained relationship between masculinity and appearance. I teach you principles, give examples of how these principles have been demonstrated in the past, and then ask you to reflect on how these principles can apply to your own goals of dressing better and using that improved appearance to enhance the rest of your life.

The course can be broken down into these lessons:

1 – What’s Your Story?

2 – Clothes Don’t Make the Man

3 – Antipathy, Indifference, and Affinity

4 – Tribe

5 – The Way of Men

6 – Strength

7 – Courage

8 – Mastery

9 – Honor

10 – The Three Style Archetypes

Notice how there isn’t anything in there that’s specific to style. That’s not the point. I want you to think about your clothes, grooming, and appearance in a whole different way.

The course isn’t cheap, and it’s not just a plug-n-play formula to make your life any easier. It requires some real investment on your part (both financial and mental) to really reap the full benefits. If that isn’t what you’re after, buy the Staples and the Handbook or wait until my other guides come out.

Here’s what it will do for you though.

It will change the way you see the importance of clothing by either dialing up its priority or toning it down.

If you apply its principles it will ensure that you never feel awkward or out-of-place when wearing a particular piece of clothing. Every item you have in your closet will be infused with meaning, personality, and purpose to the point that you will better communicate who you are than you have ever been able to.

It will help you develop the vision necessary to create an aesthetic and a wardrobe that consciously and deliberately accomplishes the goals you’ll need it to. There will be no accidents.

Once you have the principles mastered, it will free you up from ever having to worry if you’re dressed well – leaving you to fully focus on more important parts of your life.

If that sounds like something you want, and you’re not afraid of a little mental work and a change in your mindset – then this is the course you’ve been waiting for.

From now through November 11th it will be discounted from its usual $47 to $27, so don’t sleep on it this week!

Style as Storytelling 3D