Why Your Style Never Improves

One of the biggest problems that exists in the space of men’s style – whether you’re brand new to the game and trying to find basic advice on YouTube, or you’re well steeped in the culture and can snob out with the best of them on Style Forum – is that the vast majority of men focus on a tactical approach.

By this I mean, all they seem to care about is rules and examples. There’s very little discussion about aesthetic goals, strategies, and objectives.

It’s a mindset that may be preventing you from really improving your style and, if you don’t change it, you may never get better.

Click HERE to watch the YouTube Video: Why Your Style Never Improves

Click HERE to watch the YouTube Video: Why Your Style Never Improves

Tactics vs Strategies

Understanding this approach to life will not only help you improve your style, it can make your career, hobbies, dating, family life, and personal progress all level up.

Let me give you an example.

My goal with Masculine Style is to run a great business. This consists of a few major objectives:

  • Love what I do and be pushed and stimulated by it
  • Create great, helpful, unique content and programs for you
  • Provide a wonderful living for my family

Each of these objectives has their own strategies that involve things like posting to YouTube and other social media, having courses, coaching, and membership pages to really help you guys improve your style, and monetize my experience and knowledge so I can better provide for you and my family.

If we dive down into the the YouTube strategy then we can focus on simple tactics like:

  • Post videos on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Improve videography to make content that’s more entertaining than just a talking head (unless it’s a video like today’s where that purpose isn’t served)
  • Purchase and use quality equipment like cameras, microphones, lights, and editing software
  • Continue to learn from other successful YouTubers and figure out how they’ve grown their channels

Now, if I were to want to improve Masculine Style and the only thing I ever paid attention to were articles and ideas on making better YouTube videos, I’d be missing the boat.

Maybe my videos are great but the reason my business isn’t growing like it should is because I’m not treating my newsletter list correctly, or because I should be focusing more on the book, or because not enough people like a philosophical approach to style and I should try something different.

But if the only way to make my business succeed on YouTube is to do listicles and top 5’s on style, then having a YouTube objective detracts from one of my larger goals of enjoying what I do for a living.

It’s only by seeing the full picture that I’m able to assess each goal, mission, strategy, and tactic and then determine if they’re working together harmoniously.

A Tactical Approach to Style

If you’re a 40-year-old dad who’s making headway in his company and wants to improve there, your goal is very different from a 20-year-old who’s only concern is an outfit that’s going to help him get laid this weekend.

Because those goals are different, the tactics will likely also be different. So if all you focus on is the five outfits you should be wearing this spring – as told by other content creators or threads on different forums, you may end up compromising your mission instead of seeing it succeed.

It’s why I don’t focus on or answer questions like, “What are the best places to buy clothes?” or “Where do I find the best deal on quality shirts?” Where do you live? What do you do for a work? What’s your Archetype, your Tribe? What story are you trying to tell? What’s your budget? How big of a wardrobe do you want?

The answers to all of those questions will have a HUGE impact on my ability to tell you where to buy clothes or where to find a great deal on quality.

Everything is dependent on context. And if you don’t think about your tactics within the context of mission, objectives, strategies, and goals, then you may very well be metaphorically sending your squad directly into an ambush.

Tactics & Dependence

The other problem with focusing on a tactical approach is that it leaves you unable to adapt. If all you know is how to execute on orders given from your favorite influencer, you’ll be in big trouble as soon as the goals or terrain change.

If you don’t learn how to think strategically, you’ll always be dependent on said influencer to give you style advice.

One of the more common questions I get is why do my coaching, courses, and other paid methods on the site cost so much more than what other bloggers charge. The answer is that my programs are designed to render myself obsolete. By working with me one-on-one or within a group setting, you become aesthetically independent and won’t have to rely on me or other influencers anymore.

Whether you take the time to do it yourself or learn it from me, taking a strategic approach to your style, rather than a tactical one, is the ultimate way to not only dress intentionally and well regardless of the situation, but it also mentally frees you up to focus on more important aspects of your life.

Being thrown a curveball like what to wear when your wife is giving birth, you’re testifying in court, or receiving an award no longer require Google searches because you understand the goals and objectives and know which strategies and tactics to implement in order to accomplish them.