Summer Shades

One of the most egregious summer style offenses I see on men (both urban and suburban) are awful sunglasses.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a suit or shorts, sports sunglasses belong in the world of sport. It is only the nerdy and neckbearded who attempt to pull them off as part of a stylish outfit.

For the average, aspiring male there are three sunglass types that you should consider.

The Wayfarers Summer Shades

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Yes they’ve been co-opted by hipsters, but did you know that the classic Wayfarer is one of the few pieces of men’s style that can actually be considered timeless? These sunglasses have had popular ubiquity since the 60′s and have never experienced a decade in which they looked dated or out of style. As long as you’re built well, carry yourself like a man, and don’t dress ironically, no one will confuse your classic tastes for hipster irony.

The Clubmasters Summer Shades

clubmasters endorses Summer Shades

While not as popular as Wayfarers, the Clubmasters have had a similarly long run. They have more of an association with East Coast Ivy League prep and are a perfect add-on if this is your ideal style. For you men who do venture into hipster territory (there is certainly something to be said for the girls) these will be a better option than Wayfarers, as not everyone is wearing them – yet.

The Aviators Summer Shades

Jason Statham in Killer E 007 Summer Shades

For you who are looking for something a bit more traditionally masculine and more rugged, you can’t go wrong with aviators. Yes everyone from presidents to celebrities has worn them, and there’s a reason for that. They look rugged and manly. Anything that’s rooted in military history yet has a long-standing presence in the civilian world is a staple than any man should consider having in his rotation.

With sunglasses you’ll want to find the ideal balance between being penny wise and dollar smart. If you’re a man who loses things easily, then grabbing a cheap imitation pair is the way to go. However, if you know how to take care of your things and want the added benefit of more comfort, better protection, and superior materials, I recommend going with the real deal.

Speaking of buying the real deal, if you plan on ordering these online, please consider doing so through Amazon or Nordstrom (banner below) as I get a bit of a kick back for your purchases.

Also, if you want a better idea of what glasses are suited to your face shape, check out my post breaking it down.

Sunglasses are a detail that is easily seen and evaluated, so don’t underestimate the effect they have on your style. Buy the right pair and wear them all summer long.

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