Summer Transition

Two years ago I wrote an article for Primer Magazine about making the transition from summer to fall. 

As excited as we #menswear nerds get for tweeds, flannels, and layering, it’s still hot in the northern hemisphere for a few more weeks. 

One of the best tricks is to go more seasonal with accessories. A wool tie or pocket square won’t wear any warmer than a silk or cotton alternative and will have the aesthetic connotation of the coming season. 

For casual wear, start leaning a bit more towards the Rugged archetype. The roughness of materials and earth tones associated with this season all hearken from the days when men did work outside. So swap the polo or T-shirt for a Henley and throw on a pair of work boots (both of which are Staples, btw).

Today I’m doing just what I suggest. I have on a summer-weight open-weave suit, but threw on a wool tie and square. I’m even wearing socks again. I’m not sweating in this thing, but there’s no denying that summer is coming to an end.