The Absolute Best You’ve Ever Owned (Style Challenge #2)
Alright day one is done and it was awesome.
I loved seeing all the photos you guys posted up.
Every one of you had things you were doing well and you all had some things to improve on too
Which is great and it’s why we’re here.
So let’s get on to day two.
I want you to find your favorite thing in your wardrobe
Could be a shirt, a tie, some shoes, whatever
You know you have something you feel better wearing than anything else
Something that, when you put it on, you feel like you’re just killing it.
I want you to find that thing today, snap a photo of it, and post that picture up on Twitter
Tell me why it’s your favorite and what you fee like when you’re wearing it.
Does it have sentimental value?
Does it fit you better?
Do you get more compliments when you wear it?
Do you feel like you can conquer the world in it?
Just like yesterday, tag @tannerguzy and use the hashtag #stylechallenge for this.
Now, before I let you go today, tomorrow’s challenge is going to involve getting a real haircut (don’t worry I’ll have some tips for you).
So today I want you to spend some time finding a real barber near you.
None of this SuperGreatSportCliips crap – a real barber.
Even if it’s a bit more expensive than what you’re used to paying, I want you to see a real barber at least once.
So find one and schedule an appointment for tomorrow.
I’ll give you the rest of the details in the morning.
See you on Twitter!