The Friends You Grew Up With Look Retarded

One of the more common tropes in this corner of the Internet is the parable of the crabs in the bucket.

The story goes that you can place crabs in a bucket without having to leave a lid on it because none will escape. The reason for this is that, once one crab starts to make his way out of the bucket, his companions will pull him down and ensure that none gets away. They do all the dirty work for you.

People are the same way.

American Reunion: Day 30

This shouldn’t be a surprise for Red-Pill men because we see it in every aspect of our self-improvement. Whether it’s going to the gym, approaching women, standing up to our bosses, eating animal fats, or eschewing any other form of “conventional” Western wisdom.

It’s obvious that this applies to the way you dress as well. If you’re just starting on the path of self-improvement it can feel much safer to make small and subtle changes that only you are initially aware of. It prevents the other crabs in your life from knowing you’re trying to escape and pulling you back down into the bucket.

While it may feel safer to make subtle changes, it’s less effective and the results will be less obvious – making it easier to fall back into old habits and old ways of thought.

I propose that one of the easiest but most dramatic changes a self-improving man can make is changing his style. You can buy an entire new wardrobe within a matter of hours and completely change the way you see yourself and the way others see you. It may be an easy, and even a shallow step, but it’s an intentional one – one that you make to communicate to those around you and to yourself that you’re done with the man you used to be and are ready to make some serious changes.

All of your friends, family, and peers who are sloppy and dress like they only shop blue-light specials are going to resent you. They’re going to tell you you’re fake, that they miss the old you, or even that you’re not being true to yourself. Ignore them. If it means abandoning them along the way, do it. Those who try to pull you back into the bucket with them aren’t your real friends and they don’t want to see you improve because it casts a damning light on how content they are in their own mediocrity.

The friends you grew up with look retarded. Don’t let them determine how you’re going to look.

PS. Did you know I do private consulting? I can help you dress your best according to your build, coloring, and contrast type.

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