The Masculine Style Manifesto

Manifestos have been used by men and organizations for millennia. They are a way to solidify ideals and to make goals and aspirations feel more tangible. They have been used by individuals, businesses, governments, fraternal organizations, and many other groups of men to help their members improve their lives.

As Masculine Style continues to grow, our little group becomes more and more like a family. Through my coaching plans and newsletters, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know many of you on a personal level. We’re more than just a blog with readers, we’re an organization.

So I decided it was time we had our own manifesto.

I am an intentional man.

I live my life deliberately in all areas and this attitude is apparent in my dress and appearance.

I understand that my image communicates how much respect I have for myself and how much I expect others to have for me.

I refuse to give in to the apathy of dressing like a slob and reject the cowardice of dressing ironically.

I have learned the rules and know how to break them. What I don’t know, I am willing to learn. What I do know, I am willing to apply.

My intentions are as visible in my casual clothing as they are in a suit. There is no hesitation in what I wear or what it says about me.

I can distinguish between timeless & trendy, and use these differences to accomplish my aesthetic goals. I am not limited in my spectrum or its application.

Clothes do not make me the man I am. They never have and they never will, but they do contribute to my reputation and how I am perceived by others.

If you’d like a stylized PDF of this manifesto for your desktop, to print up and keep in your closet, or to share with friends and family, just submit your name and email in the boxes on the top right of the page. It’s free and is a great reminder of why we take our appearance so seriously.