The Right Sized Noose Around Your Neck

A quick comment on the importance of proportion. It really is a necessary component of dialing in your appearance – especially when it comes to suiting.

One key area is the balance between the tie width, lapel size, and shirt collar height. As the sartorial world is moving away from the razor thin lapels circa 2010, the rest of the ensemble need to keep up.

Of the three, collar height is the least important, but if you haven’t worn a tall collar, you’re really missing out. The substantial size is more flattering with a bigger tie (especially if it’s made from a heavier material like this wool). It’s also more prone to stand properly when worn without a tie. Smaller collars want to “pancake” under the jacket’s lapel.

Getting it “wrong” isn’t going to ruin a look. In fact, I rock a regular collar with big lapels plenty of days. But knowing more makes it much easier to use all of the guidelines to your advantage. You can follow or break the rules at your leisure.

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