Those are Some Marley Socks

I remember being… we’ll say “less than thrilled” when I would get socks as a Christmas or birthday gift. And honestly, who can blame me. The last thing a  young boy wants is some cloth for his feet.

I still don’t get really pumped up about socks but they’re a necessary item in a man’s wardrobe and the white athletic variety gets way overplayed.

Thankfully we’re also starting to see an end to the trend of overly loud socks. Full disclaimer – as was as on board with this as anyone else, but it’s lost its luster for me.

One thing I do still enjoy though is a good, solid pair of marled socks. I probably picked these up at Target or H&M for a good, cheap price.

They do an excellent job of actually keeping my feet warmer in the colder months and serving a few style purposes.

They help make a suit look a bit more casual and dressed down – not by much, because they’re such a subtle piece – but they certainly contribute.

They also do an excellent job of helping make the transition in a high/low outfit like the one I’m wearing here. Dress shoes (even those with a cap toe and a ton of bragging) can easily look out-of-place when worn with a pair of jeans. This contrast is further exacerbated when traditional dress socks are worn. However, the marled, heavy wool pair make the transition smoother and make the overall look more cohesive.

This is an ideal look for a business casual outfit, a date, or any other time in which you’d find yourself wearing jeans and a sport coat.

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