Use Separates to Separate Yourself

A common question I get from white-collar clients who wear suits daily is, “What should I get after I’ve picked up both a navy and grey suit?”

It’s a good question and not one with a definitive answer. For those who work in anything but the strictest environments, I recommend choosing a cloth that can be split into separates.

It may be a plain color (like the brown I have on) or something with a pattern to it ( for the most part, not a stripe).

The trick is to choose a color, pattern, weave, or any combination of the three that doesn’t look as if it should only be a suit. The more unique any of those three variables are, the easier it is to split up the ensemble.

The advantage of this is what it does to open your wardrobe. If you buy three suits this way, you have nine different combinations to choose from. It will make your wardrobe appear much fuller, more robust, and more versatile.

Plan new orders in combination with suits you already own to maximize the benefit and really open up your possibilities.

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