What kind of idiot style coach tells you not to buy new clothes? (Style Challenge #4)
Style is all about assumptions
It’s about knowing the assumptions we and others make and then leveraging those assumptions through your appearance
But, as you already know, not every assumption proves true
And when we act as if it does, we can get into trouble
Here’s a big assumption I see a lot of guys make when it comes to their style
“To look better I need to buy new clothes”
While improving your wardrobe often does involve adding some new pieces and getting rid of old ones,
It’s not the only or even the most effective way of getting better
There are two other techniques that are quickly overlooked but often have much better results.
The first is getting clothes you already own tailored.
Maybe those jeans are just a hair too long or that shirt is a bit too full through the waist.
Rather than replacing them outright, you can get things like that altered at the tailor.
It’s typically cheaper and less of a headache.
The second option is to wear what you have in a different way.
You’d be amazed at how much style can be added by cuffing some jeans, rolling up your sleeves, adding a layer, popping a collar, etc.
I’ve seen this while out shopping with clients.
I’ll recommend an item they’re on the fence about.
They’ll try it on, come out of the dressing room, and feel awkward and uncomfortable.
Then I’ll maybe undo another button, or roll something up, recommend they tuck/untuck it and
BAM it all of sudden looks better and feels authentic for them.
So here’s today’s challenge
If you have something that doesn’t fit great and you want to keep, take it to a tailor.
That’s the main priority
If you don’t have anything that can be or needs to be tailored, then experiment with wearing what you already have in a different way.
Like the other days, post up photos and tag me on Twitter
I want to see what you’re tailoring and how
Or before/after of how you’d normally wear something and the new way you’re trying it.
Can’t wait to see what you come up with.