When Being Cheap is the Best Approach

I’m a huge advocate of investing the money required to buy quality pieces, but no man should be a price snob.

The shoes I’m wearing were lovingly crafted and painted, by hand, by an old cobbler in Italy who has probably made more shoes than I’ve lived weeks.

The suit I have on took longer to create than my body needed to completely reknit a broken collarbone when I was 14.

The tie?

It was a gift from a friend and I’m pretty sure he paid ten bucks for it. And it’s not like it was some incredible thrifting find. I bet it’s only worth that $10.

Sure doesn’t ruin the ensemble though. No it’s not as nice as my other ties. It doesn’t drape as well and the weight leaves a lot to be desired.

But man do I like the colors and it ties a killer knot.

So don’t immediately write something off just because it’s cheap. You may miss a lot of great finds.