You Don’t Need the Latest Gear to Go on a Small Hike

Did you know that before the invention of nylon or spandex men were limited to uncomfortable clothes that were incapable of moving with their bodies?

Yeah, doesn’t really pass the sniff test. The idea that a man has to get all kitted out to spend anytime with less pavement than a suburb is sill

This is a shot from a hike I went on with my family this Monday. Immediately after we were done we went to the library and then to grab some dessert.

By wearing outdoor-rooted clothes, things like chukkas, jeans, an oxford shirt, and a herrington jacket, I was able to have the function I needed up on the mountain, while keeping the form I wanted back in the city.

I’m all for dressing appropriately to the situation, but sometimes we delude ourselves into thinking we need more than we do. My getting overly dressed for an outside walk with my kids is like wearing a tuxedo to a job interview – overkill.

It all comes back to that idea of intentionality. By knowing what works when and where, I’m able to dress in a way that helps me accomplish my goals each day.