Your business wardrobe shouldn’t look like it was created by Dr. Frankenstein

One of the quickest and easiest ways to ruin the refinement and seriousness of a suit is to throw on a ski coat or parka. The contrast between the high and low is too strong and it sends a subtle message of not finishing what you’ve started. The men I see sporting this look often look like Frankenstein’s monster – a piece pulled from this body, another pulled from that, throw it all together and hope it lives.

If you spend any time in a white-collar uniform, a topcoat is a worthwhile investment. Start with wool but if you can invest a bit more, cashmere is a game changer.

Use versatile shades like navy, grey, and charcoal but avoid black. Winter is already dark and somber enough.

Don’t hesitate to wear it casually either. I’ve seen a lot of looks that combine a topcoat with a t-shirt and jeans, joggers, or even sweats. The high/low works to your advantage when dressing it down.

Also, my hair was huge last winter. Geez.