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Podcast Episode 12: Stop Dressing for Women

This episode breaks down the reasons why men assume they should dress in a way that attracts women, why that’s wrong, and the differences between men’s goals and women’s goals in how we dress. It discusses: Why men choose to dress better in an attempt at becoming more attractive How men are visual creatures and… Read more »

Podcast Episode 11: Dressing the Armed Man

This episode discusses both the mechanics of dressing well while carrying a firearm, along with the reasons I personally choose to carry a weapon. I understand that this is a controversial subject and one that can lead to a heated discussion in the comments. I don’t need to defend myself. I may engage in a… Read more »

Podcast Episode 10: Dress Like a Villain

This episode breaks down why some of the best sartorial icons in modern cinema are not the heroes, but the villains. I talk about the top three best-dressed villains in all three of the Style Archetypes and provide contrast between this concept and an older post about not dressing like a cartoon character. Icon: Boyd… Read more »

Podcast Episode 8: Dressing the Muscular Man

This episode is a bit of a mixture. It was initiated by an article I wrote back in October 2012 titled “Dressing the Muscular Man.” In the original article I laid out some basic advice on how men who have spent some obvious time in the gym can dress better. For the actual episode, I… Read more »

Podcast Episode 7: There is a Try

This episode is a revisit of an article I wrote back in February of 2012 titled “Yoda was Wrong” In the original article I argued that, contrary to the Jedi’s stipulation that, “there is no try,” attempting and failing is still better than never trying at all. For the episode I dive much deeper into… Read more »