Back to School

I hate to be a buzz kill but we’re on the final stretch of summer. For a lot of you guys, it’s time to start getting ready to go back to school. Quite a few of my readers are guys who are in high school or starting college and this can be a sartorially difficult time to navigate. You don’t want to look too young or too old. You want to look better without painfully standing out.

Don't Smoke in School

The whole month of August is going to be largely dedicated to back-to-school prep. There will be other posts peppered throughout but I want to help you guys step up your game while you still have access to the parental wallet to help you out. And even if you’re trying to get ready on your own funds or a tight budget, I’ll be addressing some of the principles, not just specific items, that are school appropriate.

As an added bonus, all Basic Consultations will be dropped from $25 to $15 for the month of August – even for your older men who are finished with school. By getting a Basic Consultation you’ll be able to know what colors, patterns, materials, and other variables are going to look best on you and fit your lifestyle. Then you can take those principles and apply them to what you learn this month to ensure you’re looking your best once you’re stuck in class all day again.