Casual Friday: All Black

I know I’ve said to avoid anything monochrome unless you have a muted contrast but a look like this is a good way to break that rule. It’s a little bit harder to gauge because the picture is black and white but you can still tell that his hair isn’t dark enough to contrast off of the shirt to frame his face. So by throwing in the (I’m assuming) black sunglasses he’s added the right contrast and this look frames his face really well.



  • The fit – everything follows his body without being too tight. The shirt sleeves, the body, and the shoulder seems all end where they should.
  • The buttons – good contrast between the color on them and the shirt. He also has them undone to make the collar lines better and frame his face.
  • The hair – It’s clean-cut but with the overall outfit it makes him look like a well-dressed rockabilly guy or 50’s rebel. The clean part actually adds an element of danger.
  • The sunglasses – He has a fairly rectangular face shape when you look at his forehead and jaw line. The curves of the wayfarers help balance this out and tone his face down while still letting his jaw look strong and masculine. The classicness of wayfarers also fits in with the overall 50’s vibe of the outfit.


  • Nothing this week. It’s all or nothing for me.

Don’t Like:

  • The extra bracelet with the watch. I like this current trend but it doesn’t fit with the rest of what he’s wearing. It also serves as a great example of how any element of Play can totally override the Danger in an outfit.

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